Donuts Made With Love

Since 2015, we have been baking our delicious hand crafted artisan donuts and baked treats with love. We bring our customers a selection of flavors and textures to satisfy different tastes. Our donuts are made with dough prepared in small batches all day long so customers can always get the freshest donuts possible! We offer many different flavors and try to keep our most popular available year round while others rotate and change seasonally.

While we care to bring our customers fresh and most organic goods to the table, we also care about our community. We carry out our social responsibilities by giving back to the community as much as possible. We do volunteer community work and also deliver and share our products to the neediest kids in different orphanages at least once a year. We usually choose Christmas but we also do other holidays.

At our espresso and coffee bar. We serve local, organic and fair trade certified coffee rotating selection from different regions farmers and roasters in Ethiopia. Our coffee drinks are served to perfection.
We cater birthdays, special events and office functions. Delivery available